Originally, .NET development is known as the Next Generation Windows Services. It is further a combination of technologies, standards as well as development tools. The framework's infrastructure will be integrated to all Microsoft operating systems, desktop and server products. The development of the framework helps develop a business and acquires bigger data and information volumes such as operations, people, products and customers. With the help of .NET, businesses could do better, especially when it comes to outsourcing internet software. With .NET, you could be in charge of large amounts of data. .NET offers the developers a dizzying array of design choices for building applications, regardless if they are client or server-side apps. The choices could greatly impact the performance and scalability of the application. Furthermore, the platform lets you make new controls that are based on your needs and requirements. The controls allow one to save a portion of the web form and use it again to as many web forms as one likes.

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    ASP.NET development is a good option nowadays. As a software developer, I find that developing solutions for the .NET platform is highly profitable.